About Us

Star Wipers was established in 1998​​. We are a state of the art rag manufacturer selling to distributors around the country. Our corporate office is located in Coraopolis, Pennsylvania. We have manufacturing plants in Newark, Ohio and Gastonia, North Carolina. Each location has a distribution warehouse to service your needs. 

Star Wipers has set itself apart from other rag manufacturers in our industry.

​​What makes us different?

  • We sell our products only through distributors servicing all sectors of industries. ​
  • We manufacture and process the majority of the rags that we sell. Most rag companies buy pre-cut rags in large bales and simply repackage adding little value to the finished product and limited control over the quality.
  • Many of the rags we sell are manufactured from used clothing (Garment Rags) and are produced in-house or through independent contractors working exclusively for Star Wipers. This allows us to maintain strict standards in cut size and fabric content to assure consistency so that the rags perform as expected.
  • ​Annually, we process over seven million pounds of Linen Supply Rags in our very own warehouses. These are sourced through industrial laundries that service the healthcare and hospitality industry. We utilize our own fleet of trucks and spot trailers at laundry facilities in locations throughout the country to aid in the collection of materials.
  • ​Industry Exclusive State of the Art Laundry Facility - Unique to the industry, we have our very own in-house laundry facility. With this operation we have invested in technology that allows us to increase production over competitors and produce rags that are of superior quality and absorbency. Our exclusive PFA - Processed for Absorbency Rags are the most absorbent in the industry. They are sourced from New Millend Rags which undergo a laundering process to make them "PFA". These are suited for those who demand superior absorbency.
  • We import rags directly from overseas to provide materials that consist of new, hemmed rags to offer a full line of rags for our distributors.
  • Innovative Packaging - We offer innovative packaging options to suit your every need. Our machine compressed boxes and bags requires 50% less space than standard boxes need, giving you more warehouse room and more product per shipment, with less freight costs. Our machine compressed boxes are extremely durable for storing and shipping. Also the poly bags offer an easy carry handle and they have a see through design.
  • Industry Exclusive 100% USA Rag Knitting Operation - Not just a slogan but a legitimate statement. All components from start to finish are USA MADE. We operate a full knitting operation in our Gastonia, North Carolina plant. This allows us to manufacture two products (USA & STB) that are 100% USA made- washed and bleached new knit wipers that are superior in performance and consistency.
  • Metal Detection - Our optional value added services also include Metal Detected Rags. We currently have five automated scanners which enhances the value of recycled rags by eliminating the concern of foreign, metal objects.
  • Large Rag Sorting and Cutting Operation On Site - We are one of the largest graders of healthcare and hospitality linen in the country. Our onsite sorting lines process over seven million pounds annually. This allows us quality control over the materials we supply. Our cutting operation allows us to buy materials cut and/or uncut, which is very beneficial when supplies get tight. Our rags are cut to tighter specifications than our competitors', which means less waste for the end users.
  • ​Last but not least, Star Wipers operates with integrity and prides itself on the reputation we have earned in the marketplace. Our company motto is “Simply The Best” and we strive to meet that every day. We are passionate about rags!

We are also a proud member of SMART, which is an association that educates states and municipalities on the importance of recycling all types of recyclable textiles. The members are made up of used clothing graders, wiping cloth companies such as us, and companies that convert textiles into fiber.