New Non PFA Rags, perfect for grease & oil applications.

Our Non PFA Rags are cut from new cotton and poly cotton blends that have been excluded as 1st quality for a variety of reasons. Different from other rag options, these rags will be more uniform in size. Sizes typically range from 12” to 24”.

Unlike our PFA Rags, these are not highly absorbent to water. However, they are excellent for all grease and oil uses. All of our Non PFA Rags are made from natural, virgin material. Because of this, there is never a concern of foreign objects being present, such as buttons or zippers.

t-shirts, new non pfa rags

New T-Shirt

  • Available in Color, Grey, Natural & White

  • Grey, Natural & White are Colorfast, Will Not Bleed

  • Lightweight

  • Low Lint Rags

  • Ideal for Grease & Oil, Auto, Shop, Factory & Machinery Use

new non pfa rags - new sweatshirt rags

New Sweatshirt

  • Available in Color, Grey & White

  • Grey & White are Colorfast, Will Not Bleed

  • Bulky & Soft

  • Ideal for Wiping Up Grease & General Shop Use

  • Heavy Duty Cleanup

new non pfa rags - new french terry rags

New French Terry

  • Available in Grey & Natural

  • Both Grey & Natural are Colorfast, Will Not Bleed

  • Heavyweight

  • Smooth on One Side for Polishing

  • Looped on the Other for Trapping & Picking Up Dirt

  • Ideal for Tough Cleaning Jobs, Wiping Down Walls, Vehicles & Machinery

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