A laundry process that guarantees absorbency.

We operate our own industrial laundry facility. This allows us to ensure that every rag is super absorbent. Absorbency is a key component for the rag to perform exactly as the end user expects.

Our state-of-the-art “PFA” (Processed for Absorbency) laundry process is unique to the rag industry. Most competitors wash their cloths in 140-160 degree temperatures, and some even add surfactants to their wipers. Consequently, this creates only a temporary absorbency that is lost once the wiper gets wet.

Unlike the competition, we use an excess of 200 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures to break down the wipers. Therefore, our PFA laundry process can actually extract the paraffins in the cloth. As a result, we are able to produce the most absorbent rag available on the market today.

Our process is second to none.

sorting laundry

First Step:

An operator loads hundreds of pounds of rags into a bag.

control panel

2nd Step:

The operator programs a corresponding code into the system that coordinates with our PFA standards. This code is specific to the type of material being processed to ensure absorbency.

laundry bags hanging from rail system

3rd Step:

Next, the bags automatically raise to an overhead rail system and are guided to the first chamber of the tunnel.

rags being emptied into bins

4th Step:

Upon reaching their destination, the bottom of the bags open and the rags are dropped into the first chamber.

industrial laundry machines

5th Step:

The rags travel through all 16 compartments, some of which include the “PFA” processing and final 4 stage rinsing. Four stage rinse eliminates any harsh bleach smells and reduces lint from the cloths.

industrial rag press

6th Step:

This last compartment moves the rags into a press which helps rid the water out of them and speeds up the drying process.

conveyor belt

7th Step:

Everything is extracted from the press and automatically loaded onto a conveyor. A single conveyor can hold four chambers of rags.

conveyor belt moving to industrial dryers

8th Step:

The conveyor transfers the rags to any of three available dryers.

industrial laundry dryers

Final Step:

Lastly, all the rags are dried in our state-of-the-art industrial dryers and transferred into a cart for final packaging.

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