In-house sorting and cutting provides quality & flexibility.

Star Wipers is one of the largest graders of healthcare & hospitality linen supply rags in the USA. Unlike the majority of rag manufacturers who rely on offshore producers, we have our own in-house sorting and cutting operations. Because of this, we have the ability to control quality & provide flexibility to meet our customer’s unique demands.

Our teams work with over 7 million lbs. of rags a year! Due to our steady supply & in-house resources, we can provide both cost savings & product availability that outweigh the competition.

First, the sorting process begins with thousands of textiles on conveyor belts. As they pass, these textiles are organized according to material & color. Soon they are passed to the cutting department to be sized for their intended purpose.

Furthermore, our cutting operation enables us to buy materials cut and/or uncut. This is especially beneficial when supplies get tight. As a result, our rags are always cut to tighter specs than our competitors, which means less waste for the end user.

Looking for Wholesale Options?

No problem, we do that too! We can wholesale these products in bales to those in our industry who then supply other companies.

Please contact us for more information on how to become a distributor.

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