Play it safe with Metal Detection.

We operate 5 metal detection systems to reduce concern over any metal contamination on recycled rags. Due to the nature of recycled rags, there is always the potential for fragments of metal, pins and staples to be found within a box of products. Because of this concern, our machines scan the rags for any traces of foreign objects before they are sent to packaging.

This upgraded service alleviates worry of unwanted fragments & thus gives you peace of mind when wiping down sensitive surfaces.

An industry exclusive metal detection process.

Rags going through metal detection machine

Pre Operation Process

  • At the beginning of each shift the operator runs two test strips through the metal detector

  • Strip 1 is 3.0mm Ferrous

  • Strip 2 is 2.5mm Non-Ferrous

  • These are provided by the manufacturer as the minimum size the scanner should detect and reject

  • This process is recorded and initialed by the operator prior to running any product through​ the machines

Scanning Process

  • Rags are fed on to a conveyor belt that runs through the scanning apparatus

  • When passing through the scanner any metal activates the belt to reject the rags

  • All rejected rags are dropped to the floor

  • The belt extends to its full length and all rags free of metal drop in to the cart at the end

Metal detection scanning process

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